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Character Creation

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A character in the Hashshashin campaign begins as an orphan at around the age of 10 - 15. The character can not have any connection to their past life, as this is one of the important motivators for the character to begin this new life.


Character Creation System

Character creation will be done using the Character Point Allocation system from the Companion source book. Each character will get 40 points to make their character. This might seem low, but with limited choices in race and social class, as well as a more limited maximum attribute cap, this is more than enough points. The companion book should be the book that you use for most information regarding character creation. You may use the Hashshashin Character Sheets or any standard TRoS character sheets.


All characters begin as Humans at no point cost.

Social Classes

All characters begin as one of the following social classes:

  • Slave
    • Point Cost: 0
    • Starting Wealth: 0 Silver
    • You are actually a slave. You are owned by another human being and have no possessions or property.
  • Orphan
    • Point Cost: 1
    • Starting Wealth: 10 Silver
    • You are living in an orphanage, and at this time in history, that’s as good as being a slave.
  • Beggar
    • Point Cost: 1
    • Starting Wealth: 5 Silver
    • You are living on the streets in a constant state of hunger and homelessness.


All attributes must be at least 1 after the national modifiers. You may buy one attribute at 5 and any amount at 4 or below.

Attribute Rank Point Cost Description
1 1 Dismal
2 2 Below Average
3 3 Average
4 4 Average
5 5 Above Average


At least one skill packet must be bought at SR9 for 2 Points, with a maximum of 2 being bought (each still 2 points). No skill packet can be increased better than SR9. Individual skills can be bought or upgraded with the Seneschal’s approval. The below skill packets are allowed, but other can be bought with the Seneschal’s approval.

  • Manservant/Butler/Seneschal
    • You were a house mail or servant for some time in your past
  • Beggar/Street Urchin
    • You have lived on the street and you have the skills to match
  • Peasant or Craftsman
    • You grew up on a farm before your parents died or were taken in by a farm family for a few years
  • Prostitute
    • You turned to, or were forced into, the sex trade when times got tough
  • Thief
    • You turned to crime when you could not feed yourself by any other means

You may take one of the below social skill packets in addition to your normal skill packets.

  • Slave
  • Street Urchin
  • Villager


You may only spend 3 points in weapon proficiencies IN TOTAL. Below are the only proficiencies available.

  • Pugilism
  • Wrestling (specialization “Unarmed Strikes”, “Armed Strikes”, “Dirty Tricks”, or “Break-Frees”)

Proficiency Rank Point Cost
1 1
2 2
3 3

Gifts & Flaws

You may take a maximum of three gifts and three flaws. All gifts and flaws require the Seneschal’s approval.

  • Major Gift: Costs 6 Points
  • Minor Gift: Costs 3 Points
  • Major Flaw: Gain 6 Points
  • Minor Flaw: Costs 3 Points


You may choose any nationality at character creation which costs no points.

Spiritual Attributes

You will get 7 points to put in SAs (not taken from your building points). They may be taken and distributed as you wish, but choosing your spiritual attributes must be done using the guidelines below. You must set aside at least 1 point for your Oath SA.


The Belief SA may be taken at character creation or may be added later in the game. Your belief is completely up to you.


The Drive SA may be taken at character creation or may be added later in the game. Your drive is completely up to you, but keep in mind the concept of the story and the campaign. If your Drive never gets applied, it will handicap your progress as a character.


The Faith SA may be taken at character creation or may be added later in the game. Your Faith is completely up to you, but keep in mind the concept of the story and the campaign. If your Faith interferes with your role as a member of the organization, it will make for a very bumpy path and may eventually be forced to drop the SA later on, or turn on the organization! I am fine with this, but I just want you to know what you’re getting into if you take a Faith SA that conflicts with the organization.


The Conscience SA may be taken at character creation, but may NOT be added later in the game. You either have a Conscience or you don’t. And just like Faith, it can cause issues when it conflicts with the main story of the campaign, mainly the fact that you are training to be an assassin! Though, with some good and clever role playing, and a big helping of creativity and ingenuity, it can be done. But it will almost unavoidably be a bumpy ride.


The Destiny SA may be taken at character creation, but may NOT be added later in the game. You either have a Destiny or you don’t. Any Destiny you choose must be approved by me, as it will certainly impact the story. I am happy to work with you to develop this Destiny if you would like. Or, if you want to let the story take you where it desires, you can let me choose your Destiny and only reveal it to you when you’re are nearing it in the future. I have several in mind for anyone who wants to do this. If you do, denote it with "Destiny: Unknown".


The Oath SA may NOT be taken at character creation, and MUST be reserved for later and left blank. This is part of the main story, and will also be a main aspect in how you will earn SA points through your training.


The Passion SA may NOT be taken at character creation, but may be added later in the game. You were recruited in part, because you have no earthly connections to family or loved ones. Taking this SA at character creation defeats that whole purpose.


The Anti-Destiny SA may NOT be taken at character creation and may NOT be taken later in the game. I just do not like the way the Anti-Destiny mechanic works in the game and I would rather avoid it.