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Cyrinthmeir Hashshashin Fortification

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The Cyrinthmeir Hashshashin Fortification as viewed from the south.

The Cyrinthmeir Hashshashin Fortification is the Central base of operations of the Hashshashin in Cyrinthmeir, located in an isolated valley deep in the Northern Cyrinthmeir Mountains.



The Cyrinthmeir Hashshashin Fortification is located in the Northern mountains of Cyrinthmeir, set in an isolated and fertile valley. Around the fortification itself, a somewhat large village has sprung up to support the isolated location, containing all the required skills and resources to support the fortification indefinitely. The fortification is a large castle structure that was built and designed to be a defensive building. Inside are many different areas including a courtyard, defensive towers, a training area, a living area, a library, a guest area, and much more.


Little records were kept of the early days of the Hashshashin fortification, and it is unknown if any or all of the structure existed before the Hashshashin began using it.

Important Individuals

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Training Focus

The Cyrinthmeir Hashshashin Fortification specializes in several nature-based skill sets, due to its large and remote location.

Martial Training

  • Messer - The Messer Proficiency focuses on the use of a single longer, curved blade.
  • Duel Blade - The Duel Blade Proficiency uses two identical short to medium blades with a focus on slashing and cutting.
  • Cut & Thrust - The Cut & Thrust Proficiency allows the user to wield two different blade, one of medium length and one significantly shorter, using the smaller blade for defense and the longer for offense.
  • Dagger - The Dagger Proficiency is used with a small blade for close combat that often resorts to grappling.

Skill Training

In addition to the common skills of the Hashshashin (i.e. Breaking & Entering, Camouflage, Disguise, Lock Picking, Sneak, Tracking, etc.), The following skills can be learned at the fortification form highly skilled individuals.

  • Herbalism - Verneous, a farmer and naturalist who resides in the village, is considered one of the best herbalists in all the continent.
  • Animal Handling - Talb, an animal handler who resides in the village, is one of the most skilled men in the northern half of the continent in terms of dealing with large mammals.
  • Survival - Due to its isolated nature, Survival is a critical skill at the Cyrinthmeir Fortification.
  • Tracking - Several teachers exist in Cyrinthmeir who are quite proficient in both urban and natural tracking.

Other Training

What other training opportunities not related to weapons and skills, if any, available at the Ahr Hashshashin Fortification are unknown.