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Drama in the Hashshashin campaign will be awarded based on specific criteria. Ingenuity and creativity is the primary method of earning Drama, and will almost always get you your reward. Bad-ass, assassin shit is a secondary method and only sometimes earns Drama.

Problem Solving Drama

What will get you drama in this campaign is making me say "Damn... I didn't think of that". When you figure out how to get something done, usually for a mission, job, or assignment, in a way I never thought of, that earns you drama. Creativity and ingenuity will be a key component to this campaign, and if you can out think me, you earn that point of drama. I want you to really feel out the role of the assassin/infiltrator/thief. I want this to be an opened-ended, puzzle-solving game. And while you are quite welcome to hack your way through a guard, if you threaten his wife so that she is so scared that she convinces him to leave his post to be with her, and therefore, lets you past, well, that's Drama worthy creativity.There will almost never be just one way to get something done in this campaign. Almost never...

Flashy Drama

If you do some sick, bad-ass, assassin shit, that MAY get you some drama. Something like rolling some awesome terrain roll where you tumble off a roof top, land on a statue head, leap off, and land in the water to swim to safety. Some Assassins Creed style stuff. I say "MAY" because it will depend on my mood. If you utilize your ingenuity and creativity as described above, you will very likely get the Drama. But pulling some sweet assassin move, well, that depends on why, how, where, and many other things. I like the idea of having some flash and spectacular moves in the game, but that is not the end-all be-all.

Not Worthy of Drama

First, let me say, I like a light-hearted campaign. But in this specific campaign, I will not award drama for making me laugh. Now, I am not saying you shouldn't make me laugh. Like I said, I like a light-hearted campaign. All I am saying is that is not what I want to use the Drama reward to motivate.