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List: Characters

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Active Living Characters

  • Oliver - A young boy of 12 years of age, Oliver has been inducted into the Cyrinthmeir Hashshashin quite recently, and has found himself enjoying his new life of training to a good extent. He has a social personality and is surprisingly strong for his size and age. He is excelling exceptionally fast, even for Hashshashin standards.
  • Nicolas - The newest member of the Cyrinthmeir Hashshashin, still seems unsure about how he feels about the new path his life has taken, but has decided to travel the road regardless and see where it takes him. He has a uprising aura that attracts people to him and a plethora of skills he learned while on the road as a traveling performer.
  • Clara - Clara
  • Shivers - Shivers

Fallen Characters

  • None... as of yet.

Characters of Unknown Circumstances

  • None... as of yet.