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The young lad Nicolas.

The newest member of the Cyrinthmeir Hashshashin, still seems unsure about how he feels about the new path his life has taken, but has decided to travel the road regardless and see where it takes him. He has a uprising aura that attracts people to him and a plethora of skills he learned while on the road as a traveling performer.



Physical description.


Nicolas was born in The Seat of the Xanarian Empire to gypsy parents. The road was the perfect place for Nicolas to pick up a plethora of skills necessary to survive as an entertainer/courtier of almost any city, nation, small town, noble house, the works. His parents ran with a troupe called The LaCroix Troupe which was made up of various family and friends. The LaCroix’s were actually, by Troupe Caravan standards, quite small and intimate consisting of 4-5 caravans of entertainers, wares, and rare goods, perhaps consisting of about 10-15 entertainers at any one time. Although they did not keep an official escort or military retinue, although some of the Troupe knew their way around a sword, but Nicolas’s Mother had always said there were safety in numbers on the roads, and that’s what the Troupe mostly counted on during their travels.

Due to circumstances unknown to Nicolas, one night while camping on their usual nightly route, the LaCroix Troupe was attacked by, what seemed to be, a group of bandits. The bandits slaughtered most of the Troupe, and Nicolas barely escaped with his life…to this day Nicolas still doesn’t know the true nature, or reasons for his parents being slain. It could have been an unfortunate attack by highwaymen, however, the Troupe was also active in many of the political intrigue’s that went on throughout various nations, and had enemies that could have easily had them tracked and killed, perhaps one day Nicolas would learn the truth, and woe be the man who ordered, and killed his family in such cold blood.

On his own Nicolas struggled from city to city doing his best on the streets. He began to realize how much the Troupe sheltered him, and how little he could make on his own as an entertainer, especially one as young as himself. Nicolas took to the streets making money however he could, sometimes singing, and dancing wasn’t enough and he was forced to beg, or steal. This part of his life would not last for long though, and his true calling would begin shortly…..

Session History

  • Session 1 - Induction
  • Session 2 - Tracking and Archery Training

Beliefs & Outlook

Beliefs and outlook.

Spiritual Attributes

  • Conscience
  • Destiny: Unknown
  • Oath: The Hashshashin Code
  • Drive: Discover The Masters past

Martial Abilities

  • none

Growth & Development

  • Insight: 0

Available Attributes

  • Agility (Became Available in Elapsed Time)
  • Endurance (Became Available in Session 01)
  • Health (Became Available in Elapsed Time)
  • Perception (Became Available in Elapsed Time)
  • Strength (Became Available in Session 02)
  • Toughness (Became Available in Prelude)
  • Willpower (Became Available in Session 01)
  • Wit (Became Available in Prelude)

Available Skills

  • Acting (Became Available in Elapsed Time)
  • Breaking and Entering (Became Available in Elapsed Time)
  • Camouflage (Became Available in Elapsed Time)
  • Craft (Musical Instruments) (Became Available in Elapsed Time)
  • Disguise (Became Available in Session 02)
  • Etiquette (Hashshashin) (Became Available in Session 01)
  • First Aid (Became Available in Elapsed Time)
  • Games (Became Available in Prelude)
  • Lock Picking (Became Available in Elapsed Time)
  • Musical Instrument (Harp) (Became Available in Session 01)
  • Orienteering (Became Available in Elapsed Time)
  • Persuasion (Became Available in Prelude)
  • Read / Write (Became Available in Session 01)
  • Ridicule (Became Available in Prelude)
  • Riding (Became Available in Elapsed Time)
  • Scrounging (Became Available in Prelude)
  • Search (Became Available in Elapsed Time)
  • Sincerity (Became Available in Prelude)
  • Singing (Became Available in Session 01)
  • Sneak (Became Available in Session 02)
  • Style Analysis (Became Available in Elapsed Time)
  • Survival (Became Available in Elapsed Time)
  • Tracking (Became Available in Elapsed Time)
  • Traps (Became Available in Elapsed Time)
  • Weapon Art (Became Available in Session 01)

Available Proficiencies

  • Brawling (Became Available in Prelude)
  • Crossbow OR Bow (Became Available in Session 02)
  • Cut & Thrust (Became Available in Session 01)
  • Wrestling (Became Available in Prelude)

Available Gifts

  • Glorious Destiny (major) (Became Available in Elapsed Time)
  • Jack of all Trades (major) (Became Available in Prelude)
  • Light Sleeper (minor) (Became Available in Session 01)
  • Quick Healing (major) (Became Available in Elapsed Time)
  • Steadfast (major) (Became Available in Elapsed Time)

Growth & Development So Far