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Setting Overview

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The campaign was designed with a non-magic, non-fantasy, medieval setting in mind. Everyone is human and no one has magical powers. All of the Characters begin as young orphans or beggars, taken off the street and "adopted" by the Hashshashin, an organization of assassins.



The Historical Hashshashin, the pseudo military arm of the Nizaris people in the modern-day Middle East, were sleeper commandos and assassins who used their skills to protect their people and maintain a political balance between their enemies, allowing the Nizaris people to prosper for over 150 years.

The Setting for our campaign takes the concept of the historical Hashshashin and gives it a Western European twist. Still an ancient organization of highly trained assassins, still working to maintain the balance of power in the land, but now in a Medieval Europe setting. Using the standard TRoS world of Weyrth, the campaign takes place in a Remote Mountain Stronghold in the nation of Cyrinthmeir, where the player characters are just learning about their new life as future assassins.


In Cyrinthmeir, outside of the fortification, the deals, backstabbing, and politics between rival nations never ends, and border skirmishes are common place. And while there is a general state of overall peace, small conflicts and coupes never cease.


In Cyrinthmeir, the Three-Become-One is the primary religion, but most other religions are tolerated to varying degrees. The church is rather powerful in Cyrinthmeir, and this is often a point of contention with other nations of the area, especially because the church has its own private army, and fields them when they believe Cyrinthmeir (and by proxy themselves) is in real danger.


The technology level is comparable to 13th century Europe. Guns do not formally exist, but gunpowder exists and it is possible that guns could exist in outside of Cyrinthmeir and the western world. Sophisticated archery weapons exist, as well as "artillery" like catapults and balista. But melee weapons like swords and axes are the weapon of choice.


Just as in Medieval Europe, rumors of magic are everywhere. Witches are burned at the stake and demonic worship is not tolerated. But again, just like in Medieval Europe, chances are magic is more of a myth than a reality.

Other Races

Other races, like Elves and Dwarves, are not seen walking the streets of any towns or villages. Just as in Medieval Europe, fairy tails of these sorts of creatures are told to countless children, and even believed by a majority of the population. But again, just like in Medieval Europe, chances are these stories are more of a myth than a reality.