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Ahr Hashshashin FortificationBook: Balms, Extracts, and Salves
Campaign Specific RulesCampaign TimelineCharacter Creation
Character SheetsCyrinthmeir Hashshashin Fortification
Gift: Absolute BeliefGift: Blind Fighting
Gift: DrivenGift: Glorious DestinyGift: Steadfast
Gift: True CompassionGift: True FaithGift: True Love/True Hatred
Hashshashin Combat ProficienciesHashshashin PoisonsHerbalism
Historical Hashshashin
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Proficiency: Crossbow
Proficiency: Cut & ThrustProficiency: DaggerProficiency: Duel Blade
Proficiency: KenjutsuProficiency: Kenjutsu Dai-ShoProficiency: Long Sword
Proficiency: MesserProficiency: NaginataProficiency: Pole-Arm
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Setting OverviewSetting WeaponsTengoku Hashshashin Fortification
The Council

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